CatholicBrain's Summer Catechism Study Program is designed to help Catholic kids study their Catholic faith during summer.

  • Pre K – 8th grade
  • Watch 38 Exclusive Catechism Lessons- at your own pace
  • Play faith-filled games & quizzes
  • Earn Badges & Rewards
  • Learn and Know the Faith
  • Result = Kids Grow in Virtue

Help our Children establish a daily devotion to grow, know and love our Catholic Faith

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

What` s included in the summer program?

  • There is a total of 38 exclusive Catechism Video Lessons adapted from the Baltimore Catechism.
  • Every day, participants will watch a 5 – 10 mins catechism video lesson.
  • Each video lesson is accompanied by an activity, game and quiz – this helps to reinforce what they have learned from the video lesson
  • A final quiz will be taken after the program and participants with the highest score will win prizes and awards
  • Each participant will receive a certification of completion upon completion of the program
  • Free access to religious education resources for the entire summer.


Top Participants

At the end of the Summer Catechism Study Program, students with the highest participation and points will have an opportunity to win Gift cards and Biblezon Catholic tablets. 10 students with the highest score will receive the following prizes and awards!


The student with the highest points and badges will receive a $500 CatholicBrain Store Gift Card to purchase items for the next school year.


Second student with the highest points and badges will receive a $250 CatholicBrain Store Gift Card to purchase items for the next school year.


Those in the 3rd to 10th place will each receive a Biblezon Catholic Tablet


The Summer Catechism Study Program is part of monthly subscription. To participate, please subscribe to our monthly plan and get access to the summer program as well all our religious education resources and tools.

" Those of us that work in Ministry should be constantly striving to meet those in our care ‘where they are’. For our young people, this is often through digital media, and allows us this opportunity with quality, Catholic content.”

Jennifer Hardee Early Childhood Faith Formation and VBS Coordinator
Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church

faq is an online platform used by several Catholic schools, parishes and homeschool families as a resource for faith formation and religious education. The website provides interactive onlineresources, assessments, study programs, competitions to helps teachers and catechist to teach the faith and engage students.

This summer catechism study program is designed to help young Catholics spend time learning their faith during summer. Every day, for 8 weeks, participants will watch a 5-10 catechism video lesson followed by a quiz and game to reinforce learning.

Since is a member only website, a minimum of 2 months subscription on is required to participate. You can participate by signing up either as a homeschool family, a school or a parish.

The program runs from 06/18 – 08/10/18 which is about 8 weeks long

The catechism videos are adapted from the Baltimore catechism with it`s question and answer format – easy for kids to memorize and understand.

The top 10 participants will be announced 1 week after the program ends

If you miss a day, you can always go back and watch the video and take quizzes however, you would have to complete the program by August 10.

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